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Jefferson Klocke

Jefferson Klocke

July 2013


The VLP is pleased to

announce that Jefferson

Klocke has been selected

as our Outstanding Law

Student Volunteer for

the month of July 2013. 

Jefferson is a second

year law student, and

is the law student

coordinator for the

Domestic Relations

Clinic.  His enthusiasm

for the program makes him a valued part of the VLP; and, the VLP is excited to

have him as one of our law student coordinators.    


Jefferson was raised in Georgetown, KY, but started life in Ann Arbor, MI. 

He returned to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan as a trumpet

performance major.  A couple years after getting his bachelor’s degree in

music, Jefferson turned his attention to obtaining a dual JD / MBA degree. 

According to Jefferson, he decided on the U of A for two reasons.  The first

reason was because his wife “really liked Arizona when [they] came to visit.” 

Second, Jefferson said, “I picked UA because I liked the small class size and

friendly atmosphere.”


Jefferson immediately became involved with the VLP his first semester as a 1L. 

“I have always grown up doing volunteer work,” Jefferson said, “so when I got to

UA and heard about the program I know it was something that I wanted to do.” 

Since that first semester, the most important thing Jefferson has learned

while volunteering is that “there are a lot of people [who] need help defending

themselves and their rights [but] who cannot afford private attorneys.” 


When asked about his favorite law school professor, Jefferson said that this

honor goes to Professor Jean Braucher.  Besides being “incredibly smart and

willing to help students with anything,” Professor Braucher also engages with

her students as a mentor.  Jefferson said “I have met with her multiple times

outside of class to talk about career goals and advice and she has always

been very helpful.”   


In his spare time, Jefferson enjoys hiking, cooking, playing trumpet, watching

movies, trying new restaurants with his wife, and playing several sports including

basketball, tennis, Frisbee, and football.  Jefferson also volunteers with Habitat

for Humanity by helping to build homes at construction sites and working at

the organization’s HabiStore.  


When asked about his dream job, Jefferson’s response was “playing in the NBA,

or being a music agent.”


Thank you, Jefferson, for volunteering with the VLP!



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