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Todd Jackson

October 2005


By Stacy Rupprecht Butler


Todd Jackson has been selected

as the Outstanding Pro Bono

Attorney of the Month for October. 

The VLP selected Todd for this award

because of the leadership he recently

demonstrated in coordinating efforts to

assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina with their legal needs.  Several groups,

including Southern Arizona Legal Aid, the Young Lawyers Division, the Minority

Bar and the Pima County Bar Association, came together to assist in this effort. 

Many individual lawyers stepped up as well.  While all involved are to be

congratulated for their generosity, Todd calmly and effectively lead the entire

coalition, handling countless conference calls and meetings at both the state

and local level and dedicating many, many hours to the project.  The VLP’s

monthly award is a distinct honor: of the 1100 attorneys who volunteer their

time with VLP, only 12 receive the VLP’s Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney

award each year. 


Q & A with Todd Jackson:


      What drives you to volunteer with VLP?

The huge gap between the ideals of our profession and the reality due to the

cost of our services.


Any other hurricane relief effort volunteers that you’d like to give a


Abbe Goncharsky and Jeff Jacobson did more than I did in getting the relief

group organized.


Name some things that you do when not working or volunteering your

legal services?

Rock climbing, trying to learn to surf, generally avoiding maturity and

fruitlessly resisting the aging process.


If this award were accompanied by prize money, how would you

spend it?

Branch office in Costa Rica.


What do you do to unwind after work?

Try to keep up with 3 very energetic kids.


Best thing about being an attorney in Tucson?

By and large, I know I can trust my opposing counsel to play by the rules

and leave attitude out of the mix.




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