VLP Advocate Survey

The following is a brief questionnaire for VLP Advocates.  Your feedback is important to us as we strive to continuously improve the volunteer experience for you.  We greatly appreciate your time in completing this survey!

* Required questoins

What year are you in school?
Which VLP programs did you participate in last semester/summer? *
How did you learn about the VLP? Please choose all that apply. *
How would you rate the VLP training you received? *
Do you feel that the training prepared you for your volunteer experience? *
Do you feel that the VLP staff and volunteer attorneys appreciated your participation in the program? *
Do you feel that the law school encouraged and appreciated your participation in the VLP? *
Are you aware of the monthly and annual awards given to student volunteers?
Do you feel that you provided a benefit to the clients you served? *
Do you feel that the VLP Advocates will aid in your professional development? *
Do you feel your experience will make you more likely to volunteer your time through the VLP once you graduate from law school? *
Overall, do you feel the VLP Advocates Program was a good experience? *
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Name (optional)


Please contact Melissa Spiller, Student Coordinator & Attorney at Law, at mspiller@sazlegalaid.org with any questions or concerns.