Obtain valuable legal and courtroom experience. Help clients who have nowhere else to turn. All while you are still a student.  

Law Students

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A Partnership Linking Students and Legal Professionals through Volunteer Opportunities

In the fall of 1999, the Volunteer Lawyers Program and the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law formed a partnership, VLP Advocates, to help deliver legal services to those Pima County residents most in need of civil legal help.  The idea behind the partnership began to take shape when law students who serve on the University's Community Service Board began to discuss ways in which law students could get involved in law-related community service. 

The more legal experience you obtain during your law school years, the more you will be in a position to market yourself to prospective employers. Participation in pro bono enables you to gain relevant legal experience, explore a variety of career paths, and network with practice lawyers. While performing a much needed community service, you will enhance your professional development and ultimately become a better lawyer.
— - Melanie Kushnir, Assistant Staff Counsel, ABA Center for Pro Bono

To date, more than 1,300 law students have volunteered with the VLP, and under the supervision of volunteer lawyers have assisted more than 16,000 people in need of civil legal services.  In 2015, 80 law students volunteered their time through the VLP. These law students touched nearly 1,000 cases, almost one quarter of the total cases handled by the VLP annually.

The University of Arizona law school Community Service Program—in which the VLP is a key component—-teaches our students shared responsibility for their community in a hands-on, heart-connected way. Through the VLP, the students provide public service, not mere lip service, to our profession’s highest ideals. We are deeply proud of our student volunteers, and of our association with VLP.
— Toni M. Massaro, Former Dean, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

Volunteer Opportunities

Self Service Center Project

This clinic takes place within the Self Service Center at Pima County Superior Court.  While supervised by a volunteer attorney, students have the opportunity to meet with pro se litigants and assist them with their family law cases.  Participants help clients represent themselves at trial, handle discovery and disclosure requirements, calculate child support, and write motions.  This program provides wonderful “hands on” experience and client interaction for students.

Bankruptcy Court Reaffirmation Hearings

Volunteer attorneys and law students meet with unrepresented clients at their reaffirmation hearing in Bankruptcy Court. You will review reaffirmation agreements presented to the client by their creditor. You’ll then have the chance to appear before the court and offer your recommendation as to whether the client should enter into the reaffirmation agreement. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to present cases, as a student, before a Federal Court.

Domestic Relations Project

This clinic takes place at the VLP office and provides students with an opportunity to meet with clients under the supervision of a volunteer attorney. You will provide basic information and advice and assist clients in completing self-help forms. This clinic offers an excellent chance to take concepts you will learn inyour legal coursework and apply them to a real-world setting.

Minor Guardianship Court Project

Under the supervision of an attorney, you’ll meet with unrepresented clients at their guardianship hearings in probate court. You will explain the proceedings and review the client's file to ensure that all the legal requirements have been met. You then have the chance to examine witnesses in court by asking them the questions required by Arizona statutes. As the only collaborative court    project of its kind in Arizona, this program provides a unique opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Advice-Only Project  

This project takes place at the VLP office and allows students, under the supervision of a volunteer attorney, to advise clients with serious legal concerns including wage garnishment, contract enforcement, and eviction.  Also help clients determine whether filing for bankruptcy is right for their situation.

Wills Project

Under the supervision of a volunteer attorney, students assist clients with basic estate planning.  Meet with clients and help them prepare their simple wills, living wills, and other Advance Directives.  This program is an excellent chance for students to practice their client interview skills.