Over the past 30 years, the VLP has cultivated relationships with many community organizations.  To the benefit of our clients and volunteers, we are proud to list the following organizations as VLP partners.

Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education

The State Bar of Arizona created the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education 26 years ago, charging it with the mission of promoting access to justice for all Arizonans. The Foundation today is a separate 501(c)3 organization striving to fulfill this mission by preparing Arizona youth for civic responsibility and providing access to justice for Arizonan´s most in need. Through the provision of technical and financial assistance to probation & resource officers, teachers & administrators, private attorneys & judges, and legal service attorneys & advocates, the Foundation works to level the playing field, so that all in Arizona have knowledge and access to the justice systems.  Learn more →


Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides opportunities to create, sustain, and celebrate a life free from abuse.  Emerge! is the largest domestic abuse shelter and provider of domestic abuse prevention services and programs in Southern Arizona.  

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KARE Family Center

Arizona has one of the nation’s fastest growing populations of grandparents raising their children’s children. To help them parent successfully, the Kinship and Adoption Resource and Education (KARE) Family Center offers extensive support and services. Programs are open to relatives and family friends caring for youth under age 18, as well as to people who have adopted children from within or outside their family. 

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Pima County Attorney's Office

The Pima County Attorney's Office represents you, the people, in the criminal justice system in Arizona. Our mission is to serve the public by protecting the personal rights of the people of Pima County to life, liberty and security by holding criminals accountable for unlawful violations of those rights. 

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Pima County Bar Association    

The mission of the Pima County Bar Association is to provide service and leadership to the public and to the profession; to provide to all people of Pima County access to and awareness of the law, and to promote respect for and satisfaction in the profession.

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Pima County Superior Court

It is the Pima County Superior Court's purpose to provide the timely, fair and efficient administration of justice under law, in a manner that instillsand sustains the public's confidence in the judicial system.

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United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona

As dedicated professionals,  the Arizona Bankruptcy Court is committed to provide a neutral forum to all who seek protection or require resolution of disputes, to deliver fair and efficient adjudication and provide the greatest level of public service, access and information.  Learn more →

University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

In the fall of 1999, the Volunteer Lawyers Program and the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law formed a partnership, VLP Advocates, to help deliver legal services to those Pima County residents most in need of civil legal help.  The idea behind the partnership began to take shape when law students who serve on the University's Community Service Board began to discuss ways in which law students could get involved in law-related community service.  To date, more than 480 law students have volunteered with the VLP.  In 2005 alone, 124 law students volunteered their time through the VLP, up from 110 in 2004 and 77 in 2003. 

These law students will touch approximately 1,000 cases this year, almost one third of the total cases handled by the VLP annually. 

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San Miguel High School

San Miguel High School is a private Catholic and Lasallian college and career prep school located on the south side of Tucson. San Miguel is a member of the Cristo Rey Network, a thriving association of 28 high schools that utilize an innovative work-study program to provide affordable, Catholic education to more than 9,000 students nationwide.

San Miguel exclusively serves families with limited financial resources. Every one of the 375 plus students works five full days per month at more than 100 companies in Tucson to pay for most of the cost of their education and to gain professional experience. By working, students learn about the corporate world, connect academic coursework to the work they do at their corporate placements, and gain skills that will serve them beyond high school.  Learn more →