Attorney of the Month Award for Pima County

Elliot Glicksman

Elliot Glicksman

June 2014

By Michele Mirto

Elliot Glicksman has been selected as the Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney of the Month for June.  Elliot has been an active member of Southern Arizona Legal Aid’s Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) for twenty-four years.  A personal injury and wrongful death specialist, he represents VLP clients who would not otherwise be able to afford representation in tort defense cases.

Recently Elliot took on a debt collection matter for a VLP client, expanding the type of cases he accepts from the program.  He is generous with his time and is always happy to help when called upon by VLP staff.  The VLP is grateful to Elliot for his continued commitment to the VLP and for all of his efforts on behalf of VLP clients.                                                     

The VLP’s monthly award is a distinct honor: of the 1,100 attorneys who volunteer their time with VLP, only 12 receive the VLP’s Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney award each year.

As in all things, the giver receives much more than the recipient.
— Elliot Glicksman

Q & A with Elliot Glicksman

Where are you from?  Wisconsin                                                                                  

Where did you go to college?  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Where did you go to law school?  University of Arizona, Harvard of the West

How long have you lived in Tucson?  Since 1976

What are your current practice areas?  I seek compensation for crime victims including victims of drunk drivers, homicides and child molestation victims. I represent victims in both the criminal case and in civil litigation.

What drives you to volunteer with VLP?  I have been truly blessed. I came to Arizona without knowing a soul in the entire state. In the 38 years I have been here, I have married the love of my life, raised wonderful children and made many friends.  I appreciate VLP giving me the opportunity to give back and help people who would otherwise have no representation.    

A great anecdote from your VLP experiences?  I passed the Pasqua Yacqui bar so that I could defend a VLP client that was being sued in tribal court. 

One reason you would encourage attorneys to volunteer with VLP?  As in all things, the giver receives much more than the recipient.

Favorite Tucson restaurant?  Scordato pizzeria

Things you do when not working or volunteering your legal services?  Writing and performing comedy. 

Best thing about being an attorney in Tucson?  The collegial relations that exist between almost all members of the bar.

If you ever retire from private practice, it will be to start a new a bartender. And I’d go to a lot of jazz clubs.

Any hidden talents?  Making people laugh.  I’ve hidden that one very well.

What is something that not many people know about you?  I’m sort of short. 

Are you a dog or a cat person?  Dog

What do you do to unwind after work?  I try to exercise regularly to unwind. 

Person you most admire?  Burr Udall