Attorney of the Month Award for Pima County

Rob Charles

Rob charles

March 2016

By Michele Mirto

The VLP’s monthly award is a distinct honor: of the nearly 1100 attorneys who volunteer their time with the SALA VLP, only 12 receive the Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney award each year. 

Rob Charles was selected to receive the Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney of the Month Award for March 2016. Rob, a partner with Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, joined the VLP in 2000.  Rob assists VLP clients with bankruptcy, real property and mortgage foreclosure matters.  Rob is also a frequent participant in the program’s Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Clinic where he supervises law students as they meet with unrepresented clients at their reaffirmation hearings in Bankruptcy Court.  Recently, Rob helped a client resolve a real property matter that involved a trustee sale and a lawsuit in Superior Court.  With Rob’s help, the parties were able to negotiate a settlement that resulted in a monetary judgment for the client and his family.  Rob dedicated thirty-nine hours to the case.  The VLP is grateful for Rob’s support of the program and for his continued friendship.

Q & A WITH Rob Charles

Where are you from? Born in Phoenix.

Where did you go to college? University of Arizona

Where did you go to law school? University of Arizona College of Law

How long have you lived in Tucson? 1975-1982, 1989 to present

What is the history of your practice of law? Clerked with Earl Carroll, USDC in Phoenix; joined Lewis and Roca in 1984, moved to Tucson in 1989 and have been with the firm continuously.

What are your current practice areas? Business litigation; business bankruptcy; business transactions.

What drives you to volunteer with VLP? Giving back.

Anyone you would like to acknowledge for contributing to your legal career / pro bono service? Our firm’s commitment to VLP is as long as the firm’s existence.

One reason you would encourage attorneys to volunteer with VLP? Real clients with real needs.

Favorite Tucson restaurant? I love Vera Amore on Swan.

Things you do when not working or volunteering your legal services? Tennis

Best thing about being an attorney in Tucson? Practicing law in a wonderful city to raise a family.

Worst thing about being an attorney in Tucson? Having to find great work in other markets. I’m admitted in Nevada for this reason.

What is something that not many people know about you? Fan of The Tony Kornheiser Show, a podcast.

Are you a dog or a cat person? My wife has 4 dogs; 4 cats; 3 desert tortoises; odd birds nesting in our backyard. I am in charge of the details.

What do you do to unwind after work? Tennis; family.

Any bad habits? Procrastination.

Best vacation destination? Fell in love with the Big Island of Hawai’i several years ago.