Attorney of the Month Award for Pima County

Todd Jackson

Todd Jackson

May 2014

By Michele Mirto

Todd Jackson has been selected as the Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney of the Month for May.  Todd began volunteering with the VLP in 1997.  Todd assists clients with contract, unfair sales, debt collection, and real property issues. He has accepted complicated and challenging cases, and has even traveled to rural areas to assist those most in need.  In addition to his work with individual clients, Todd supports the VLP by participating on the Advisory Board.  Todd joined the VLP Advisory Board in 2006, where he quickly became a valued leader.  He has consistently demonstrated a genuine desire to help those with no where else to turn in our community.  His generous nature and thoughtful leadership make him an invaluable asset to the program. 
The VLP’s monthly award is a distinct honor: of the 1,100 attorneys who volunteer their time with VLP, only 12 receive the VLP’s Outstanding Pro Bono Attorney award each year. 

Access to justice is a serious concern with our system. The system works well for those with means but not so well for others. VLP is helping to address that.
— Todd Jackson

Q & A with Todd Jackson

Where are you from?  Grew up in Michigan and Ohio.  Tucson since 1982 with a short stint in Chicago.
Where did you go to college?  UofA
Where did you go to law school?  UofA
How long have you lived in Tucson?  30 years
What is the history of your practice of law?  I worked for a large firm in Chicago out of law school and then returned to Tucson where I have practiced primarily in business litigation.
What are your current practice areas?  Primarily business litigation, though I occasionally handle class actions and civil rights litigation.
What drives you to volunteer with VLP?  Access to justice is a serious concern with our system.  The system works well for those with means but not so well for others.  VLP is helping to address that. 
Anyone you would like to acknowledge for contributing to your legal career / pro bono service?  Tom Chandler set the bar for all of us to aspire to, on what it means to be a good lawyer and good person.
One reason you would encourage attorneys to volunteer with VLP?  The work is meaningful and fulfilling. You will enjoy it, and there is a real need.
Other VLP volunteers you'd like to give a shout-out to life-lesson learned from your experiences with VLP?The VLP and SALA lawyers and staff work their tails off for low pay, and we should all thank them for their service.
Favorite Tucson restaurant?  Vivace never disappoints.
Things you do when not working or volunteering your legal services?  I enjoy climbing and skiing, though age is starting to rear its head.  Rapidly shifting to vegetable gardening.
Best thing about being an attorney in Tucson?  I have had cases in many jurisdictions and still marvel at how unique our practice is, in that the lawyers here are skilled advocates that pursue their clients cases aggressively, but with professionalism and the pragmatism of focusing on the issues rather than grinding out fees on endless discovery, motions, etc.
Worst thing about being an attorney in Tucson?  Nothing I can think of
If you ever retire from private practice, it will be to start a new career as a ______ ski bum.
Any hidden talents?  none
Are you a dog or a cat person?  both
What do you do to unwind after work?  Sadly, sleep.  
Favorite song?  Whatever I discovered most recently.  Lots of good new music out there now if you look. Thank goodness for the unending creativity of youth.
Person you most admire?  My kids. They never cease to amaze.
Any bad habits?  Lots.  None suitable for print. 
Best vacation destination?  Telluride.