Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

Glaucia Brannock

glaucia brannock

January 2016

The VLP is pleased to announce that Glaucia Brannock has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of January 2016.  Glaucia is a 3L at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, and currently participates in the VLP’s Minor Guardianship Project.  She’s incredibly dedicated to the program, and goes above and beyond for the VLP – always participating far more than the regular hourly commitment each semester.  Her multilingual skills in English, Portuguese, and Spanish are a huge asset to the program.  In particular, Glaucia’s fluent Spanish enables the VLP to better serve our large Spanish speaking client population.  The VLP can’t thank her enough for being such an enthusiastic and committed volunteer!

Glaucia is originally from Brazil, and moved to the United States in 2009.  Prior to arriving in the U.S., Glaucia started her undergraduate studies at Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos in Lima, Brazil.  After moving to the U.S., Glaucia enrolled at the University of Arizona and obtained her B.A. in Political Science with an International Relations emphasis.  She was on the Dean’s List for several semesters, received various scholarships, and graduated cum laude.  While a U of A undergraduate student, Glaucia was in Phi Alpha Delta Professional Law Fraternity and was the group’s Mock Trial Executive Chair.  

Glaucia then decided to enroll in the James E. Rogers College of Law.  When asked why she chose to stay at the U of A for law school, Glaucia shared that she planned to build a life in Tucson, and that “it was a blessing to be accepted at the school I really wanted to attend.”

As a law student, Glaucia’s favorite professor is Professor Andy Silverman.  According to Glaucia:

He is an example as a mentor and a person.  He has dedicated his career to
bringing justice to those who were forgotten by the system.  As a professor,
he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching, and it translates
inside the classroom.

Glaucia decided to become involved with the VLP during her second year in law school.  Glaucia shared:

I chose to become involved in the VLP Advocates because I believe VLP
connects the legal justice system and individuals who cannot afford legal representation.  Everybody deserves quality legal representation, and it
should not be an exclusive instrument of those who can afford an attorney. 

Since joining, Glaucia has participated in the VLP’s Domestic Relations Project and Minor Guardianship Court Project.  The most important thing she’s learned since joining the VLP is “to respect the client regardless of […] personal beliefs while providing quality [legal] work deserved by everybody.”

Besides the VLP, Glaucia is currently involved in the U of A’s Civil Rights Restoration Clinic and the Wrongful Convictions Clinic.  She’s a member of the law school’s Criminal Law and Policy Society as well as the Immigration Law Society.

In her free time, Glaucia enjoys cycling, traveling (her favorite vacation destination is Italy), dance, and spending time with her family.  Her dream job is to someday become a Pima County Public Defender. 

Thank you for being such a wonderful volunteer, Glaucia!