Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

John Hilton

John Hilton

July 2015

The VLP is pleased to announce that John Hilton has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of July 2015.  John–who is entering his second year of law school –currently volunteers in VLP’s new Wills Project; and, last semester, he participated in the Domestic Relations Project.  John’s impressive background and friendly demeanor make him a great addition to the VLP, and we’re incredibly appreciative to have him as a volunteer. 

Early in life, John lived in several states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  He eventually ended up in Texas, where he stayed for 25 years before moving to Arizona in the early 2000s.  During his first career, John spent 20 years as a Flight Medic – eventually moving on to hospital administration.  While working as a medical professional, John obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. 

After several decades in the medical profession, John decided to pursue law.  When choosing which school to attend, John spoke with many well respected attorneys who recommended that he consider the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.  John also decided to attend the U of A because he and his wife “own a home in Willcox where [his wife] has a medical practice and works in a rural emergency room.”  According to John, “We both preferred to stay in Southern Arizona and were thrilled I could pursue my education so close to home.”

John became involved with the VLP during his first year of law school.  John explained that he wanted to join the VLP because:

From the time I decided to enter law school, I knew that a significant part of my new profession would include sharing my knowledge with those whose access to the legal system is limited due to lack of financial resources.  VLP provides a highly esteemed mechanism for providing the disadvantaged much-needed legal guidance.

When asked about his hobbies, John told us that he’s an avid reader.  He also enjoys cooking, hiking, sketching, and watching True Detective. 

John shared that, when considering what his dream job may be, he’s “most fulfilled when [he] can help others to succeed, have a positive impact on [his] community, and realize cognizable results from [his] efforts.”

Thank you, John, for being such a wonderful volunteer!