Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

Jeff Amlee

Jeff Amlee

June 2015

The VLP is pleased to announce that Jeff Amlee has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of June 2015.  Jeff is entering his second year at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.  He currently volunteers in the VLP’s Domestic Relations Project, which complements his past experience volunteering in another VLP family law project - the VLP’s Self-Service Center.    

Jeff is a Tucson native and attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate student.  He is an accomplished swimmer, and spent much of his free time in the pool.  He was a four time All-American in swimming for the U of A and an Olympic Trials Qualifier in 2012.  Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Geography, and was the 2014 Golden “A” recipient for overall merit in academics and athletics.   

Following graduation, Jeff decided to stay in his hometown to attend law school at the James E. Rogers College of Law.  According to Jeff, “I […] built a scale replica of the law school when I was in fifth grade, so perhaps subconsciously I always knew I wanted to go there.”  His favorite law school professor, so far, is Professor Kreag who teaches Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.  Jeff said that he “enjoyed Professor Kreag’s lectures and his ability to communicate with the class as if in a conversation.”   

When asked why he chose to volunteer with the VLP, Jeff said:

Having lived in Tucson my entire life, I have always felt a need to give back to the community that raised me.  By participating in VLP I am able to do so, as well as gain experience in my future profession.

Jeff also shared the following about the most important thing he’s learned from being a VLP Advocate.

The most important thing I have learned is how to interact with people and how to listen to their problem.  In law school you are taught how to solve a problem on a piece of paper, but you never actually have to listen to a real person.  VLP gives you an opportunity to learn to listen and console real people with real problems. 

Besides volunteering with the VLP, Jeff is a member of the law school’s Sports and Entertainment Law Society and works as a law clerk for the local firm Pahl and Associates. All of his experiences, thus far, have changed his view of the legal system.  Jeff shared:

I used to think that the legal system was a cut-throat industry with everyone only looking out for themselves.  However, here in Tucson at least, most lawyers I have met and interacted with are friendly and willing to help one another.

In this free time, Jeff enjoys swimming, reading, and learning useless trivia.  He likes to watch shows such as Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Wilfred when he wants to avoid studying, and his favorite local restaurant is Bobo’s because it “has the best pancakes in Tucson.”

After law school, Jeff would love to connect his experiences in the sports world with his new legal endeavors as a sports agent.

Thank you, Jeff, for volunteering!