Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

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Alex Bergener

November 2014  

The VLP is pleased to announce that Alex Bergener has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of November 2014.  Alex is a second year law student at the University of Arizona.  He currently volunteers in the VLP’s Consumer Advice-Only (A-O) Project as one of the inaugural student participants.  While the A-O project has existed for many years, the VLP opened it up for student participation this fall.  Alex is one of three students to be part of the pilot phase, and we are very pleased that he stepped up to help launch this new student opportunity. 

I want to give back to the community I am a part of. I will volunteer to help people in various ways for the rest of my life. It is a rewarding experience.
— Alex Bergener

Alex was born near Salt Lake City, Utah, but lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area for most of his life.   He attended Arizona State University for his undergraduate degree, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Communication.  When asked, Alex clarifies that he focused on “human communication, not mass communication.”  And, appropriately, he enjoys public speaking and debate.

When deciding where to attend law school, Alex didn’t look far from home.  He chose to attend the University of Arizona because of his roots in Phoenix, family in Tucson, and the fact that “James E .Rogers is a great school.”  As a student, he’s involved with Lawyers for Literacy and is a College of Law Student Delegate.  His favorite professor is Professor Jason Kreag because, according to Alex, Professor Kreag seems really down to earth; and "I […] can ask him a question without feeling like an idiot.”

When asked why he chose to become involved with the VLP, Alex explained that he likes volunteering.  He said, “I want to give back to the community I am a part of.  I will volunteer to help people in various ways for the rest of my life.  It is a rewarding experience.”  We also asked Alex about the most important thing he has learned from volunteering with the VLP.  His response:

I have come to find that the knowledge I am learning in law school is of real value.  There is a massive sector of the population that has little legal knowledge or access to lawyers.  With my degree and the knowledge it provides, I will definitely be able to be of use to my community.

In his downtime, Alex likes to “binge-watch Netflix and Amazon Prime shows.”  And, in order to alleviate the stress that is inherent to law school, Alex spends a lot of time working out at the U of A Rec center. 

When asked about his dream job, Alex said he would love to be a “nationally renowned trial attorney.”

Thank you, Alex, for volunteering with the VLP!