Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

Nick Alaska

Nicholas AlSAka

October 2015

The VLP is pleased to announce that Nicholas Alsaka has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of October 2015.  Nick is a second year law student at the University of Arizona.  He currently volunteers in the VLP’s Domestic Relations Project; and, the VLP is extremely appreciative to have Nick as one of our volunteers.

Nick is from Orlando, Florida, and attended the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies.  He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Arabic Languages and Literature.  Most of Nick’s “political science work was focused on comparative politics with a concentration on Middle Eastern affairs and politics.”  As an undergrad, Nick was involved in Student Government, the Blue Key Society, and the Arab Students’ Association.  He was also an intern for Marco Rubio’s Senate Campaign, where he helped set up various events for the campaign and conducted outreach to constituents to encourage them to vote during the election. 

Post-graduation, Nick moved to Chicago to work as a paralegal and docket clerk for Hetherington, Karpel, Bobber & Miller, LLC.  He assisted the firm’s five attorneys with workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.  After about a year in the Windy City, Nick then moved to Tucson to start law school at the U of A. 

At the U of A, Nick says that his favorite professor has been Dean Emerita Toni Massaro, who teaches Constitutional Law.  According to Nick, Professor Massaro “really loves what she teaches and pushes her students to be more involved in the school.” Her “love of the law makes her students love it too.”

When asked why he chose to join the VLP, Nick said:

I thought VLP was a great opportunity for me to reach out and become part of the Tucson community.  VLP allows me to interact with local lawyers and residents I otherwise would not have the pleasure of meeting.  VLP also provides me with hands-on experience and gets me out of the classroom. 

Nick also explained that his view of the legal system has changed since he started law school. 

[Now,] I see the legal system as a system that is really there for the people, yet [the system] has problems informing the average person what the legal process entails.  I think the VLP does a great job breaking down that barrier [for lay-people].

Nick shared that he likes to watch the news when he should be studying; his favorite Tucson restaurant is Union Public House; and his favorite vacation destination is Cairo, Egypt.  As for his dream job, Nick wants to “work for a large global humanitarian organization, such as the United Nations, to help refugees, displaced persons, or communities stuck in conflict.” 

Thank you, Nick, for volunteering!