Outstanding Law Student of the Month Award

Armend Hetemi

Armend Hetemi

July 2016

The VLP is pleased to announce that Armend Hetemi has been selected as our Outstanding Law Student Volunteer for the month of July 2016.  Armend is a law student at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, and currently participates in the VLP’s Service Center Project. 

Armend was born and raised in Kosovo, and earned a law degree from the University of Prishtina in Prishtinë, Kosovo.  A few years after completing this degree, Armend moved to the United States and spent several years living and working in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

When asked why he chose the University of Arizona to pursue his J.D., Armend said:

The reputation that Arizona Law has built for over a century now is the main reason why I decided to become a “Wildcat,” but there is more to it.  [A] small law school has its perks.  Here at Arizona Law, the faculty is easily accessible [and] the library is not crowded, even during finals.  A year [after starting], I am proud to have chosen that school.

Armend also shared why he chose to join VLP this summer.

First, I do have empathy for people in need, and who cannot afford legal services.  Second, my commitment to serve the public interest always has been one of my priorities.  Third, it is a great opportunity to learn.

He’s also learned a lot since joining VLP at the Service Center.  Armend said:

The volunteer attorneys are very professional and willing to answer any question. 
The patience they showed when dealing with some very complicated issues, and
their readiness to ask what my opinion was – on more than one occasion – taught
me some unforgettable demeanor lessons.   

Because of school obligations, Armend doesn’t have a lot of spare time; but when he does, he enjoys hiking and running.  Armend said, “I had the chance to walk some of the trails here in Arizona, and I must admit that they are incredibly beautiful.”  He enjoys T.V. shows on PBS, Tucson restaurant Sher-E-Punjab, and going to Albania for vacation.  According to Armend:

In Albania, you can enjoy the beach during the day and then go for a hike in the mountains to watch the sunset over the Adriatic or Ionian [Seas].  The gorgeous breathtaking mighty mountains, picturesque valleys, and crystal clear streams impressed me the most.  […]  Within the U.S., I loved Cape Code, the Adirondacks,
and San Diego.

Armend’s dream job is to do anything that will allow him to “use [his] legal skills in a way that benefits the community.”

Thank you, Armend, for volunteering with the VLP!